Past Projects

Centers for Disease Control – Bldg 18 and 23 & Serum Bank
          BSC’s, Laminar Flow Products, Necropsy tables and walk-in cold rooms

Emory University – Rollins Public Health, Woodruff Research and Emory Hospital
          Incubatorsfreezers, walk-in cold rooms and BSC’s

Georgia Tech – ES & T, Applied Physiology & IBB Bldg
          Walk in temp rooms, incubators, BSC’s, Animal Care Products

University of Georgia – ARC, Vet Diagnostic, Vet Medicine, A & D Science, Bio Sciences
          BSC’s, incubators, - 80’s, Necropsy tables, LN2 and walk-in rooms and sterilizers

Merial – Athens and Gainesville
Necropsy tables, cell roller incubators, LN2 Systems and BSC’s

Medical College of GA -  Cancer Center, IMMAG and MCG Health
          BSC’s, necropsy tables, sterilizers, LN2, incubators, – 80’s and cage changing equipment

University of Alabama – Kaul Genetics, Volker Haul, Tumor Institute, RSB and S & E Complex
          Walk in rooms, necropsy tables, BSC’s, cage changing and washing equipment

Univ of South Alabama – Boyd Cancer Center, MSB Renovation, Marine Science
           BSC’s, LN2, walk-in rooms, sterilizers, cage changing equipment

Tuskegee University – Animal Research Center
Cage Changing, BSC’s, necropsy tables, sterilizers and washing equipment

Vanderbilt University – MRB IV, Animal Care, MRB I and MCN
           Washing & cage changing equipment, necropsy tables and BSC’s

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Vivarium expansion
           Custom BSC cage changing equipment

Regional Bio-containment Facility – UTHSC
Walk-in BSC’s, cage changing equipment, pass thru chambers

West Tennessee Regional Blood Center – Jackson, TN
Walk in Freezers and Refrigerators

VA Hospital – Mountain Home, TN
Walk in cold rooms, BSC’s

Oak Ridge National Lab – Mouse Facility
           Cage changing equipment, laminar flow products and BSC’s

Univ of TN – Plant and Soil Sciences, School of Vet Medicine and Engineering Bldg
           Walk in rooms, laminar flow products, misc equipment

Alabama Department of Health (ADPH)

Emory University Health Sciences Research Building (HSRB II) Vivarium

CDC BL4 Training Lab - Atlanta, GA

Georgia Cancer Center - Augusta, GA

Laboratory of Infectious Disease (LID) - University of South Alabama

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital- ARC

University of Tennessee Health Science Center- TSRB